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Is that all you got? 的具体意思要看语境,可以是几种: 1. 如果涉及钱财,意思是:你就只有这么点儿钱了吗? 2. 如果涉及资讯,意思是:你就只找出了这么些线索? 3. 如果两人较劲,意思可能如你所说:你就只这点本事(能耐)?

歌曲名:All I Got (Accapella) 歌手:Ricochet Klashnekoff 专辑:All I Got/B 4 U Die Josiah Leming - All I Got All I got are words to say, bills and dues and debts to pay. Love to give, like I did as a kid, watch it slip away. Baby,...

jason marz的butterfly。。。 You're an open-minded lady, you've got it all. And I never forget a face. lol 是这个吧。

give it all you've got 翻译为: “给它你所有的东西”

歌曲:stan feat. dido 歌手:eminem [ti:stan feat. dido] my teas gone cold im wondering why i.. got out of bed at all the morning rain clouds up my window.. and i cant see at all and even if i could itll all be gray, but your pi...

中文名称:敢爱就来 外文名称:Come & Get It 所属专辑:Stars Dance 歌曲时长:3分51秒 发行时间:2013年4月6日 歌曲原唱:赛琳娜·戈麦斯 音乐风格:世界音乐,重打击乐,回响贝斯,流行电音,舞蹈音乐 MV导演:安东尼·曼德勒 歌词: When you'...

你好,为你答题,我的荣幸 . . . . finally at last 谁得到了钱,最终我得到了


中文名称:You Got it All 所属专辑:《Oops! I Did It Again - The Best Of Britney Spears》 发行时间2012-06-18 歌曲原唱: Britney Spears 英语歌词(没有中文歌词): I was a game he would play he brought clouds to my day then like a...

歌曲:Love Is All I Got 歌手:Feed Me & Crystal Fighters 歌词: Now love is all I've got I can't live Love is all I've got Only love in my life Love is all Love is all I've got now Love is all I've got I can't live Love is all ...

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